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Empowering Abilities, Building Inclusion

Asmau Ali Foundation is dedicated to promoting awareness of disabilities and providing knowledge, treatment, and support for those affected by them in Nigeria. Our mission is to empower vulnerable individuals and communities, create economic opportunities, and foster collaborations and partnerships to create a more inclusive society.

Disability Awareness




Asmau Ali Foundation is the largest global charity and crowdfunding community in the world.

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Our Mission:

Building Opportunities and Fostering Collaborations

Asmau Ali Foundation is committed to creating economic opportunities and employment for vulnerable youth and communities in Nigeria. We foster collaborations and partnerships with donor organizations and build alliances between different cultural groups to create a strong, inclusive society. Our goal is to kindle passion and empower adolescents through fundraising programs, while creating a framework for sustainable, long-term impact.

Our Vision:

Empowering Communities and Creating Change

Asmau Ali Foundation envisions a Nigeria where vulnerable communities are empowered and equipped with knowledge and resources to thrive. We strive to build a strong support system and outreach program to educate individuals and create an inclusive society. Our goal is to foster collaborations and partnerships with diverse cultural groups and donor organizations towards the betterment of the disabled community. Building an AAF family is central to our mission.


The Asmau Ali Foundation focuses on the disabled community in Nigeria. We have also sponsored and given aid to other charity events. Donated food and equipment to hospitals, Internally Displaced Person Camps, Motherless Baby’s homes, Orphanages, etc.

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Empowering Vulnerable Communities in Nigeria: Join the AAF Family Today!

Empowering Vulnerable Communities in Nigeria: Join the AAF Family Today!

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